NZ Creepy Crawlies

While I was sorting out a few photo folders, it occurred to me I seem to have a habit of taking lots of photos of insects. My first memorable encounter with a spider ended with me in hospital at the age of 4 and a half getting stitches in my hand. I had captured a grand daddy-long-legs spider in a big old agee jar and I ran inside to show Dad. I tripped over the step, the jar smashed into shards and my little hands skated on top cutting open my palms. I still have an impressive scar where the doctors pieced my flesh back together. Nobody got to see how big that spider was. I was fearless. Still am…somewhat.

I find insects endlessly fascinating. They’re also the unspoken heros of our ecosystems. Its not just bees that pollinate flowers which turn into fruit, plenty of other insects do the job too. Without them we’d be pretty hungry and so would lots of other critters like birds and lizards and frogs. Whole ecologies depend on insects as a fundamental food source. The world goes round because of insects… almost.

What do you think?

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