Is Messy Backwards?

In this article by The Press David Lynch made comments at a City Council meeting recently that contained a number of mistakes that change everything his opinion is based on.

Sadly for Mr Lynch, The Commons is not commerce or a garden park. It is nothing like a gypsy camp, it is​ a site​ ​undergoing change​, which can be messy during transition. The Commons is a community focused collection of small organisations and businesses. They can trial new concepts that conventional enterprises cannot due to risk and ROI expectations. Some people call this trail blazing, it’s also known as moving forward and innovation; the opposite of ‘backwards’.

The Pallet Pavilion has been dismantled which was always the plan. Gap Filler, myself and several other people have collaboratively developed new thinking and designs to accommodate a changing landscape of activities.  It might look like gravel right now, but wait and see what is store for the Spring and Summer. Cliché: Watch This Space.

The first steps have already begun. The big red bus has moved. The food caravans have a more effective space to work together like a food court. A rain garden is soon to be started by the Christchurch City Council as an exemplar project. More progress will continue to be made through the Winter, Spring, Summer and beyond for as long as people want to see a vacant space being used in a positive way for everyone to enjoy.

If that doesn’t suit the suits, tough, it suits the people of Christchurch.

By the way, here are the initial concept drawings due to be updated soon.

What do you think?

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