Twin Peaks: Gravel Walk With Me

Personally I think that Mr lynch must have some other agenda in order to prompt him to criticise Gap Filler and The Commons without doing any sort of looking into what Gap Filler are actually doing and planning to do with the Former Crowne Plaza site.
Watch this space for updates on the design plan for the corner site called ‘The Commons’ in Christchurch,. NZ

Rebuilding Christchurch

In 2012, Lonely Planet named Christchurch one of the most exciting places to visit in the world. Gap Filler was a large part in that:

Don’t miss playing a few ends at the Lyttelton Petanque Club, a development from the Gap Filler Charitable Trust, a community initiative that’s reinvigorating derelict spaces around Christchurch. Another Gap Filler project, the Think Differently Book Exchange, sits on the corner of Barbadoes and Kilmore Streets on the edge of the CBD. Just look for the retro fridge crammed with assorted tomes available to swap.

The New York Times named Christchurch #2 on it’s “52 place to go in 2014“;

Though much of the central city has yet to be rebuilt, entrepreneurs and volunteers are finding surprising ways to make temporary use of empty lots and bring life back to the downtown. The Gap Filler program, begun a couple of months after…

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One response to “Twin Peaks: Gravel Walk With Me

  1. David Lynch response to criticism of Crowne Plaza deputation

    Further to the deputation I made to the Christchurch City Council on the 5 June 2014. The focus of this was to have the Council consider opportunities to enhance the Crowne Plaza site, currently occupied by Gap Filler, with reference made to CCDU’s work being undertaken on Victoria Square and a recommendation to have the Christmas Carols reinstated in Victoria Square this year.

    I was pleased that the Mail covered the deputation (19 June), albeit it being two weeks on, and I was only too happy to respond to those readers that might not have agreed or necessarily understood the intention behind what I proposed. However, I was disappointed at significant inaccuracies in Will Harvie’s article and his decision to attribute a number of quotes to me that I simply did not make. Will Harvie subsequently informed me that these quotes were the result of his interpretation of what was contained in my deputation, which is unfortunate given that he did not attend the Council meeting on the 5 June.

    Initially I wasn’t interested in pursuing any correction and/or commenting until I was approached to respond to Johnny Moore’s Press column last week, who sought to attack me in response to the Mail article. I also note that the Moore’s column has been endorsed by Gap Filler on its Facebook.

    I am intrigued that Moore and others have decided to judge me before evaluating the source and verify the accuracy of the information contained in the Mail/Press articles. It’s unfortunate that they are buying into and repeating the significant inaccuracies reported in the original article by Will Harvie. As for their decision to question my professional integrity, this is clearly something that they believe is an acceptable behaviour.

    Unfortunately for Moore, it would appear that he did not read the deputation and in my opinion, had he taken the time to do so, I am confident that he would have understood that it was never my intention to suggest that Gap Filler was a ‘‘backward’’ organisation that should be forced off the former Crowne Plaza Hotel site. This was never stated by me and was fully appreciated and acknowledged by a number Councillors at the time I spoke to the deputation.

    I am grateful that the Mail editor has provided me a right to respond to the unfortunate misrepresentations contained in the earlier story and provide a copy of my Letter to the Editor that appears in today’s edition.

    David Lynch


    Gap Filler

    Christchurch loves a public debate and so do I! I wish to state that I did not say to your reporter that Gap Filler was backward and should be removed from the “Arches” (Commons) site. My Deputation I believe is a positive step forward for Gap Filler and the old “Crown Plaza” (Commons) site.

    The purpose of my C.C.C. Deputation was to promote an alternative approach for the Council to adopt for the entire Crowne Plaza site. This would require the development of an interim landscape plan designed to embrace the Arches and provide a safely lighted connection between Victoria St & Victoria Square for tourists and residents. There would be both hard and soft landscaping supported by a lighting design that would be both visually stunning while meeting security and safety objectives.

    Whilst my proposal would require Gap Filler to relinquish their temporary use of the Crowne Plaza site, I requested that the Council work with Gap Filler and related groups, and resource them so that they could grow and embrace new opportunities in a more suitable and permanent location within the CBD. I have dubbed the Start Up Quadrant, an area bordered by Worcester, Colombo, Moorhouse and Fitzgerald. This area has a number of buildings and spaces that could be regenerated and is the home of C1, Alices, Agropolis Urban Farm.

    In my opinion, this is an area where Gap Filler would be able to facilitate the regeneration and creation of a real ongoing living and lasting cultural / business powerhouse of Christchurch.

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